Our strengths


VTPrivateye LLC is known for being responsive.   We review a case file and then design and implement an investigative 'hit list' tailored to and informed by the legal team's strategy.  We then hit the pavement, or pick up the phone, or get online and get it done.  We will listen to you and your client, and assess the most effective way of reaching your goals.  We will collaborate and strategize with you to design and then implement a plan.  And after we have gotten the goods, we will work with you to analyze the results.


We know how to get the facts accurately, efficiently and honestly to help our clients achieve their objectives. We have the skills it takes to obtain what is needed for complex litigation and highly sensitive due diligence matters, especially when deadlines are short and the stakes are high. We produce tangible, admissible results, providing thorough, well-organized and analytical work to assist in building stronger cases. With over twenty years of investigation experience, and a very busy agency, we are known to be one of the most experienced and respected investigative agencies in the state. 


We realize that compassion is key.  We always try to put ourselves in a client's or witness's shoes, so to speak. We approach every case from a place of empathy and compassion, realizing that given the right confluence of circumstances, any of us could end up anywhere.  By the time someone is calling on us for investigation, the situation is usually very vulnerable, and as such we tread lightly, always from a place of great respect for our fellow human being.  From jail to Yale, we approach everyone from a place of compassion and respect.