Insurers - Vermont Private Investigator

Our in-depth evidence gathering has saved insurance clients millions of dollars. We conduct high indemnity death and disability investigations, as well as arson investigations.  We have experience investigating medical malpractice, personal injury, and product liability.  Our investigators develop the relevant facts you need to minimize losses. We have experience testifying in federal and state district courts.

Background Investigations: 

We conduct comprehensive background investigations, which will frequently reveal criminal history, shady business dealings, bankruptcy, or a history of exaggerated or bogus lawsuits, filed for financial gain. Many witnesses fail to testify truthfully about such matters in discovery and depositions. By conducting a complete background investigation you keep the claimant honest, and frequently discredit his or her testimony. The civil background check may also expose prior lawsuits revealing undisclosed pre-existing injuries.

We also always look at the 'big picture' and the circumstances surrounding the claim: what is going on in the person’s life that may have contributed to the claim, by conducting very thorough and sensitive interviews of people who know the individuals involved.   


We have conducted countless surveillances with highly effective results for our clients. In family court, we are often able to show through surveillance that one parent is not being honest about their current drug and alcohol use, and we can help ensure that custody is granted to the safer parent or guardian.  All evidence is lawfully obtained and can be presented in court. Investigators obtain high quality video and still images of the subject's daily activities. Surveillance video enables the defense in personal injury cases to present a credible counter to Day-in-the-Life videos. Claimants are frequently videotaped working undeclared jobs, doing yard work, playing sports, and engaging in other strenuous activities. Video is one of the most powerful types of investigative evidence. The client always receives a thorough and complete written investigation report detailing the results of all surveillance. All reports include digital full color still images, and digital surveillance video can be provided on CD-ROM or DVD.
Summary of Services:

  • Background Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Locating Witnesses
  • Witness Statements
  • Neighborhood Canvasses (When Authorized)
  • Discovery of Liabilities, Liens, Judgments
  • All Types of Insurance Investigations