Jury Focus Groups

When the stakes are high, trials can feel risky.  The right trial and jury consultant can make a big civil or criminal trial feel less perilous. VTPrivateye conducts in-depth jury pool research and runs confidential focus groups that can help you win or successfully settle your case. We will help you pull together effective focus groups to better manage your risks and figure out ahead of time what works and what doesn’t in front of real people. Through our focus groups and current jury research, we will give you the tools necessary to identify different types of jurors to attract and avoid during voir dire. Mock trials, community surveys and focus groups are all great ways to get feedback and find out jurors' current attitudes toward the key issues in your case.

VTPrivateye will run the entire operation for you, from the first analytical questionnaire to the last cup of coffee.  We will find and book the right space for the meeting, recruit mock jurors to match the demographics of your jury pool, help draft and analyze questionnaires, and moderate panel debates. You will have the opportunity to watch mock jurors analyze the information presented to them and debate the central issues in your case. Understanding the factors that drive jurors' emotional reactions is vital to crafting a successful case presentation.  All sessions will be videotaped and you will be provided a copy of the video to review on your own.

VTPrivateye brings years of practical experience and expertise to your case. We have been in the trenches and in the courtroom on just about every type of civil and criminal case, and we have seen the value of mock juries and focus groups in action. Ever wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of a jury room?  Here's your chance to see (mock) jurors in action. The results of these sessions are invaluable to your case, and can often be used for a favorable settlement.